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Death Grips – Guillotine (It Goes Yah)

May 15, 2011

Yo so Ive been turned on to so much new music lately, and this crazy ish right here is so hot to me. The group is Death Grips and its from a mix tape called “Ex-Military”! Listening to this joint, he may have been in the military and came home shell shock. Just basedon the […]

Ghostface Signs Boobs Too

December 12, 2010

hahah ghost is funny and by far my favorite Wu member! Now yau all know Nikki Manaj is known for signing booobs, but now Ghost face is in on the action when a fan wanted him to sign his girls boob! I didnt beleive it either but here’s da video!

Wu-Tang Competition Clip #2

February 7, 2010

Its starting to heat up now! The phone lines are crazy. The email inbox is full. Cats wanna know whats really poppin’ with this wu-Tang Next 9 Generals competition. Well check out this next clip.