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$258 Million Dollars To Your Self…Are U Effin Kidding Me?

May 3, 2010

Woooow….so this cat wins the Powerball lottery all by himself….aint dat some ish! He couldnt even beleive he won! Check out the girl who askes if he had a girlfriend hahahahahah! Advertisements

Being GAY in the CHURCH!

May 3, 2010

Coming up this Sunday on the Ski & Critical Show, we’re gonna ask the questions about the lifestyle and being in the church! Is it just me or it seems like there is a lot of people in the lifestyle particapting in the church. Now im not a follower of the church per say, but […]

Is Chance From “Real chance Of Love” Gay???

November 8, 2009

Our good friends over at just got its hands on a very INTERESTING interview. For months, many have speculated about Chance from the VH1 show Real Chance At Love’s sexuality. Well now Hot Wingz, the winner of the show is putting his business in the street. Here’s what Hot Wingz said about their first […]