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Is Weed Better Than Sex?!?!?!

December 19, 2010

hahaha check out this song! Its called “Weed Is Better Than Sex”! We always find the “Off Da Wall” stuff. Ya gotta admit this is a funny song! Leave ya comments. Advertisements

Jersey Shores- Spoof – This Is HILARIOUS!

October 10, 2010

If you watch The Jersey Shore (and if you havent….get cable lol) You know the cast of charcters on that show can some times be hilarious! But check out this spoof….this group of actors /comedians acted this spoof out to the tee…and the editing is great if I may add. Ceck out the spoof of […]


May 3, 2010

WARNING EXPLICIT CONTENT THATS FUNNYAS HELL! I love this woman…..not only is she a very sexy African American woman, she is funny as hell! This queen of comedy is my favorite female comedian because she keeps it real…fa real! Check out her views on “oral Skills” and “Thug Love”….this is hilarious!

Who Is Priya??

December 12, 2009

  Ummm….(look at her and her sexy self) – Oh my badd….this is Priya and upcoming singer / songwriter. We played her music on the Ski & Critical Show. (Episode #35)  We played her join “Simon Sez”! Check her out. shes talented. And sexy as hell as well!

David Letterman Admits Having Sex With His Workers!

October 2, 2009

So it seem every body is gettin it in these days! Senetors, mayors, athletes, actors and now David Letterman! Is it safe to say $#!t happens? All I know if somebody wants 2 Million dollars to not spill the beans…you better be readyto spill the beans yourself!

Is Foxy Brown The New Super head?!?!

September 29, 2009

Has it really come down to this…is Foxxy Brown the new Super Head??? You judge for yourself….remember you saw it hear it first???