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The Rent Is Too Damn High (Another Remix)

November 16, 2010

Just when you thought his 15 minutes of fame was done….the guys who did the Antoine Dodson remix, got thier hands on the Jimmy McMillian clip and came up with another funny smash! check out out hahahah! Advertisements

Katt Williams – Weed Remix featuring DJ Steve Porter!

October 10, 2010

I’m not a huge fan of Katt Williams, but this skit was always hilarious! But when DJ Steve Porter chopped it up and Autotuned it, it made a funny clip even funnier! I not too fond of all the N-werds in it, but ya have to applaud creativity! So what else can I say? Roll […]

New Cee-Lo Single IS The Best Song Ever!!

August 22, 2010

When I first caught wind of this song (Thanx Brandy) I instantly fell in love wit it! This is my man Cee-Lo from Goodie Mob & Narles Barkley fame!For all the guys out there who ever felt messed up after a girl leth them, then this song is for you….ENJOY!

The Year 2009? (The Autotune Remix)

December 9, 2009

All I can say is “THIS IS HILARIOUS”! If you wanna know who did this check out the video post below:

Biggie VS Miley Cyrus – “Party & Bullshit in The U.S.A.

October 9, 2009

At first i said…what the eff is this? Then I actually listened to it and I was like…OKAY…this actually works! And on the LOW….i actually like that Miley Cyrus song…NO FA REAL….I really do! Peep the mash up below: