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Prince Kicks kim Kardashian Off The Stage At MSGhahahah

February 13, 2011

Yooo Prince don’t be playing around. He’s been rocking the NYC area with a few Madison Square Garden dates and popping up for jam sessions at area clubs. So apparently at every show, Prince brings people on the stage to dance with him. On the night in question Prince brings Ol Kimmy on the stage and her ass just […]

This is what you get when you add Lil Jon to Sesame Street HAHAHAH!

November 16, 2010

This has got to be one of the funniest clips on the net right now! I heard this joint on Hot 97- The Cipher Sounds & Rosenberg show (those dudes are hilarious) Im not sure if the planned this with Lil Jon, either way this ish is hilarious!

The Rent Is Too Damn High (Another Remix)

November 16, 2010

Just when you thought his 15 minutes of fame was done….the guys who did the Antoine Dodson remix, got thier hands on the Jimmy McMillian clip and came up with another funny smash! check out out hahahah!

The Rent Is Too Damn High Action Figure hahahaha

October 28, 2010

You know you’ve made an impact when some one makes a doll of you! A company in Connecticut who has made dolls of other famous figures like Barack & Michelle Obama, Sarah Palin and others. Has Made a doll of Jimmy McMillian who stole the NY debates for governor with his “The Rent Is too […]


October 8, 2009

Only In NEW YORK! In any other city….this is litterally unheard of….but right her in the city, thi scan damn near be an every day occurance! Check out this fight right in the middle of Broadway captured by news cameras on the scene!

Ever Been To A Party On A Train???

July 17, 2009

People will do any thing to and for Michael Jackson! Even have a party on a NYC subway train lol! Only in New York, Only in New York!