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April 6, 2010

For all yall Adult Swim, cartoon watching fanatics…season 3 of the Boondocks is coming soon! This has got to be the realist cartoon on TV. Check out the season 3 trailer here. (Oh yeah…the song is Exhibit C, by Jay Electronica) Not sure if this trailer is legit, but if it is I can’t wait […]

Jay-Z Breaks Ground At The New Barclays / Broolyn Nets Arena

March 14, 2010

So its official, the ground has been broken and the new arena for the Brooklyn NETS. There was a huge ceremony where Brooklyn Borough President Marty Moskowitz tells Jay-Z, Beyonce likes him and he has the picture to prove it. The funnything is jay-Z’s face when Marty says that Jay went from “BRICK TO BILLBOARDS”! […]

Have You Ever Heard Of…..Nneka??

December 22, 2009

I’ve been hearing a lot about this artist lately and I have to say she’s actually pretty good. She’s from Afrika, and she has a political agenda but her music is a mix of hip hop, soul, R&B, with a little bit of world music. let us go on record by saying she is an […]

Beanie Siegle & 50 Cent Diss Jay-Z (I GO OFF!!)

November 22, 2009

G-unit knows how to pick a track but im not sure if this one here is working. The track is an old school “Spoonie G” joint! And why is 50 singing on this hahahahahahah. The only reason this is here is because we talked about all of this on the show. You wont hear this […]


November 2, 2009

                    Come on Beanie….are you serious at this point of the game. You had a record deal, a record label and a clothing line. Whose fault is it if its all gone at this point? If you can get through all of this crap, Beans is […]

Jay-Z And Alicia Keys Perform Empire State Of Mind At The World Series (Game 2)

October 29, 2009

I don’t care how many times I hear this song, I never get tire of it. If you’re a New Yorker then you understand what I’m talking about! How BIG is it that Jay-Z & Alicia Keys (2 New Yorkers) get to perform thatjoint at game 2 of the WORLD SERIES!!! BONG BONG!

Check Out All Of Jay-Z Covers In Real Time! (HOT!!)

September 1, 2009

Leave to it Brooklyn to come up with this crazy concept and then actually pull it off. Jay-Z goes through all of his album covers, in reel time and in under a minute. This is HOT!