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Jersey Shores- Spoof – This Is HILARIOUS!

October 10, 2010

If you watch The Jersey Shore (and if you havent….get cable lol) You know the cast of charcters on that show can some times be hilarious! But check out this spoof….this group of actors /comedians acted this spoof out to the tee…and the editing is great if I may add. Ceck out the spoof of […]

Pornstar Pinky Performs Her New Rap Single Topless!

September 24, 2010

So you saw her music video, now check out her live show….this had to be in a strip club! Its crazy because I know alot of cats who would pay to see her in person! Is this what it’s come down to for female rappers?? Lord please I hope not! We wouldn’t normally post nudity, […]

Kids Makin’ It rain On thier MOMMA???

June 4, 2010 about getting your KIDS ready for life! This is hilarious and SAD at the same time. The nerve of this woman getting down like this and involving her KIDS! I hope her fat ass aint in the the strip club fa real, b’cuz if she is “IM HAVING THE PLACE SHUT DOWN IMMEDIATELY”! Click […]

Do Black Men Prefer Light Skin Woman Over Dark Skin Woman?

March 10, 2010

This story here is pretty interesting. I personally think woman over think this, because while there are some men who have a preference, im part of the majority who is more into how you look and carry yourself. Ive dated all shades of brown. But I think its interesting to hear how ladies like Tocorra […]

Big Ups My Carribean People Dem RDX- Bend Over (Wible Woble)

October 28, 2009

DA New dance in the clubs is the “Wible Woble” – Bend Ova by da boyz RDX! FEllas if you can’t handle the ladies when the song comes on, move out da way. They go crazy when this joint comes on 🙂

Where The Big Girls At??

October 25, 2009

VIIf you listen to our radio show, you know we always give a shout out to the big girls! Mike Epps (who is hosting the BETawards tonight) loves the BIG girls too. Some may think this is degrading, some make think its funny and some might even say BIG ups Mike Epps (insert horn) all […]