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Remote Control Tint For Your Car Windows!

January 10, 2010

Now this is crazy….i have seen it all….remote control tint for your car??? I dont know about the one. I wonder how muchthis feature cost. Would you get this in your whip Leave a comment!

Snoop Dogg Puts The “G” In GPS!

December 4, 2009

My man Snoop…ya gotta give it to him….he is down with EVERYTHING! Now you can get his voice to guide you on the TOM TOM GPS system. Check him out as he lays down the “tracks” that will guide you thru ur journey! Peep it:


December 3, 2009

Tiger Woods Explains Everything In This New Interview! “These B*tches Are Throwing Salt In My Damn Game. I Don’t Know What These B*tches Want From A N*gga” (Parody / Spoof / Comedy) Ahhh man….if you haven’t heard the latest about Tiger Woods, yo ass definetly lives under a rock! So Tigers “white” wife found out […]


October 25, 2009

So Lady L from The Ski & Critical Show came thru and said she wanted to have an independent artist on the show, we said sure because that’s what we do. We like to showcase up and coming artist. Listen to episode # 27 of The Ski & Critical Show at for the interview. […]