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Astro – Stop Looking At My Moms

October 17, 2010

Ya gotta give it up to shorty for this one. He’s pissed because cats be checking out his moms. As boys we all go thru this phase at one point. But Astro (Short for Astronomical Kid) has taken it to the next level with his rap. I first caught wind of this kid in the […]

Jay-Z Breaks Ground At The New Barclays / Broolyn Nets Arena

March 14, 2010

So its official, the ground has been broken and the new arena for the Brooklyn NETS. There was a huge ceremony where Brooklyn Borough President Marty Moskowitz tells Jay-Z, Beyonce likes him and he has the picture to prove it. The funnything is jay-Z’s face when Marty says that Jay went from “BRICK TO BILLBOARDS”! […]

Throwback Of The Week: ILL AL Scratch “Where My Homies”!

March 11, 2010

This joint right here was straight BROOKLYN…..the anthem fa real….they dont make hip hop songs like this any more. The video is so hood…..they was right on FLATBUSH near JUNIORS!! Now thats wassup!

My Swag Say Hello!!

January 14, 2010

So you know the Ski & Critical Show always represents new music on the show. And this cat M.U. Buccs sent us a link to his new video. We thought he put a lot of work into his project so why not support it! And plus he’s from FLATBUSH (Big Up Brooklyn)! If you want […]


October 25, 2009

So Lady L from The Ski & Critical Show came thru and said she wanted to have an independent artist on the show, we said sure because that’s what we do. We like to showcase up and coming artist. Listen to episode # 27 of The Ski & Critical Show at for the interview. […]

Fabolous Presents – “Loso’s Way”

July 17, 2009

My man MC Shan said back in the day…”You love to hear the story, again and again“! Watching the trailer for the new movie starring Fabolous, its pretty much the same story with different characters! Hopefully after watching the entire movie my thoughts will change! I personnally like FAB as a rapper…BROOKLYN ALL DAY! And […]


June 9, 2009

Ahhhh Man….this is crazy…picture this….The Friday before Hot 97’s Summer Jam 2009 Hot 97 (out of no where) premiers a new Jay-Z track from the upcoming Blue Print 3 album. D.O.A (Death Of Autotune)!! Woooow….this joint is CRAZZYY and the hip hop community is biting HARD! The BLOGS are blowing up! The infomation superhighy way […]