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Would You Drink A Marijuana Soda??

January 26, 2011

Well apparently 4 Loco wasn’t enough now they got some kind of weed soda about to come out. Now I dont know about you but I don’t eat or drink none of this new crap folks are putting out there! But with names like Orange Kush, Sour Diesel & Grape Ape, you know the KIDS […]

WOW- Is 50 Really Goin’ in on Q from World Star?!?!

January 26, 2011

So you know the story and you can hear 50 Cent tell it at the clip below when he was on Hot 97 talking about how he shut the world famous hip hop video site World Star Hip Hop! Later on that day Angie Martinez (Hot 97) had both 50 Cent & “Q”  on the […]

Did 50 Cent REALLY shut down World Star Hip Hop!

January 24, 2011

Yoooo…I tried to log onto World Starr earlier and da site was DOWN?? What?? World Star down?? Then I turn on Hot 97 and they got 50 Cent on saying HE was responsible for shutin it down!! hahaha 50 is CRAZY. But then Q from World Star calls up and says 50 didnt have anything […]

WHOA- Has Suge Knight Been Arrested For Tupac’ Murder?!?!?!

January 21, 2011

Wooow….this has to be fake and if it is, people shouldnt be playing like this! You look at this clip and you tell me! Get your investigation on and let us know what you find!

Saigon Feat. Faith Evans – “Clap”

January 19, 2011

This joint right here is on FIRE! This has GOT to be the “Jesus Walks” of 2011.  For all those heads out there talking about they’re tired of whats going on in hip hop right now, REALLY need to represent the new Saigon album. first of all he was supposed to put out a record […]

Who Shot YA? (The Investigation Continues!!!)

January 19, 2011

  Ya know it’s hard to believe that a statement that the great KRS-ONE made rings so true! He said- “If You Wanna Get Away With Murder….Kill A Rapper!” This coming March will mark the 14th anniversary of BIG’ death and still no suspects in the crime….or is it?? Apparently 3 law enforcement agencies are […]

Holy Crap…Lil Kim Has A Clothing Line?

January 19, 2011

Wooooow….now I represent Lil Kim ALLLLLLL day! But what da efff is going on here! Am I missing something here? Please leave some comments because I don’t know whats going on here! Is Lil Kim the Lauryn Hill of clothing lines because this ish right here is looking CRAZY! I’m Done! Oh yeah….big ups to […]