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2 year old boy smokes 2 packs a day!!! (WOW)

A two-year-old toddler in South Sumatra, Indonesia, has become addicted to cigarettes, smoking around forty a day.

The parents of Aldi Rizal say their boy started smoking cigarettes at 18 months old when his father, Muhammad, introduced him to the habit. They say Rizal screams, slams his head against the floor and even gets sick with withdrawal if he does not get his cigarettes.

His father pays 50,000 rupiah (five U.S. dollars) every day for two packs of Marlboro cigarettes – Rizal’s favourite. Yet Muhammad, 30, a fisherman, claims his son is in healthy condition, weighing 25 kilograms. Rizal is undergoing a rehabilitation program under the supervision of Indonesia’s National Child Protection Commission.

The commission also provides psychological treatment for the toddler. Footage of the child smoking that had been posted on the video sharing website, YouTube, drew world-wide attention to the incident.


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