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Do Black Men Prefer Light Skin Woman Over Dark Skin Woman?

This story here is pretty interesting. I personally think woman over think this, because while there are some men who have a preference, im part of the majority who is more into how you look and carry yourself. Ive dated all shades of brown. But I think its interesting to hear how ladies like Tocorra and Mylissa Ford and othes think about this interesting topic. LADIES leave your coments! And let’s chat about this topic live by tuning into the Ski & Critical Show this Sunday at 10PM at or call in and join the discussion live at 646-595-4363 this Sunday 3/14 at 10PM


2 Responses to “Do Black Men Prefer Light Skin Woman Over Dark Skin Woman?”

  1. have not been able to watch the whole vid yet, but made me think of this video, and the part where she does the Doll Test

  2. this nearly blew my mind. i cant believe at the end they decided to get weave and perms. this video has me thinking alot about our young and even older african american females. we have to help them gain more knowledge of where we are from and how far we have come.

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