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12 Yr Old & 14 Yr Old Girl Robs A Bank

You know we’re in a recession when 12yr olds start robbing banks.
SYMMES TOWNSHIP, Ohio — Police here are searching for two suspects who don’t fit the typical criminal profile of bank robbers.
They’re teenage girls.

The suspects, one believed to be 14 to 16 years old, the other 12 to 14, are accused of walking into 1st National Bank in this Cincinnati suburb Tuesday afternoon, giving the teller a note demanding money and leaving with a bag of cash, said Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Steve Barnett. The girls didn’t brandish weapons or make threats, and no one was injured, Barnett said.

Michael Brooks, a spokesman for the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s regional office, said he doesn’t recall a bank robbery that involved a minor, let alone two girls, during his more than five years at that office.

“It’s very surprising,” said Margaret Zahn, former lead investigator of the Girls Study Group, a Justice Department-funded project to study delinquency among girls.


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