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This Kid Is A Star! (If You Didn’t Know?…Wow Yall Stupid!”

You know we are alwayson the cuttin edge of showcasing talent and there’s something about this kid.
His name is Kid Bleng Bleng. He’s 7 yrs old and he’s already a model and an actor. Now he canadd rapper to the list. Real talk…..the hook is catchy.
the full length video from kiD BLenG BLenG’s new kids anthem “wOw!!!! yA’LL sTuPiD!!”. To download it for free to go to Check out his bio below.

Amyrh Harris aka “kiD BLenG BLenG” was born on August 2nd 2002. Just before his fifth birthday, he signed on with LA Models and almost immediately began working. His first job was an episode of “The Shot”, a television reality competition for photographers. He was one of the little child models they used in the second episode. His next big job was in the music video “Cops Up” for singer Lyfe Jennings. Amyrh claims that is his favorite job so far because there were other break-dancers on set who taught him alot. Shortly after filming the music video, he landed the recurring role of Theo Carver on the soap opera “Days of Our Lives”.He has also appeared “Flavor of Love 3”, “New York goes to Hollywood”, and “The Land of the Lost”.


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  1. Thanks so much for this wonderful post!!!

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