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Is Chance From “Real chance Of Love” Gay???

Our good friends over at just got its hands on a very INTERESTING interview. For months, many have speculated about Chance from the VH1 show Real Chance At Love’s sexuality. Well now Hot Wingz, the winner of the show is putting his business in the street.

Here’s what Hot Wingz said about their first romantic encounter:

Hot Wingz: : He turns to me and say ‘I want you to POUND me.’ . . . I was confused . . . I was like HOW, I’m a female. What am I supposed to do POUNDING you. I’m a girl.

Interviewer: So wait, hold up. He asked you to ‘POUND’ him?

Hot Wingz: : Yes and then he said it again. I looked at him like, huh? And he said it again. He didn’t even say it once, he said it twice. Then the n*gga rolled a blunt and turned on Sade.

Needless to say, Hot Wngz didn’t do any POUNDING. And the two are no longer together as a couple. . .

What do you think? Is this CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE????

If you dont know who “HOT WIGS” is…check out her sexy self at a recent sexy photo shoot!


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