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Dylan Dillinjah – Big Ego Video

November 22, 2009

Dylan Did his thing with this song! The video is aiight too. We play this song on the show every week! He even called the show…well here you have it Dylan Dilinjah (MAking The Band) Big Ego Video! Advertisements

Beanie Siegle & 50 Cent Diss Jay-Z (I GO OFF!!)

November 22, 2009

G-unit knows how to pick a track but im not sure if this one here is working. The track is an old school “Spoonie G” joint! And why is 50 singing on this hahahahahahah. The only reason this is here is because we talked about all of this on the show. You wont hear this […]

Rhiana Gets A Chance To Beat Chris Browns Ass.

November 22, 2009

Yooo this is funny as hell…..they put this together quite well I might add! They used all of Chris Brown & Rhiana songs to put this together. FUNNY AS HELL!

Is Chance From “Real chance Of Love” Gay???

November 8, 2009

Our good friends over at just got its hands on a very INTERESTING interview. For months, many have speculated about Chance from the VH1 show Real Chance At Love’s sexuality. Well now Hot Wingz, the winner of the show is putting his business in the street. Here’s what Hot Wingz said about their first […]

This Kid Is A Star! (If You Didn’t Know?…Wow Yall Stupid!”

November 8, 2009

You know we are alwayson the cuttin edge of showcasing talent and there’s something about this kid. His name is Kid Bleng Bleng. He’s 7 yrs old and he’s already a model and an actor. Now he canadd rapper to the list. Real talk…..the hook is catchy. the full length video from kiD BLenG BLenG’s […]


November 8, 2009

Jay-Z is the man…How big is it that not only does he open up game 2 of the World Series to a HUGE national audience. But now he’s riding on A-ROD’s float down the “Canyon Of Heros” at Yankee parade. And to close everything out, Mayor Bloomberg announces the KING OF NY and Jay-Z comes […]


November 2, 2009

                    Come on Beanie….are you serious at this point of the game. You had a record deal, a record label and a clothing line. Whose fault is it if its all gone at this point? If you can get through all of this crap, Beans is […]