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Mike Epps “Tryin’ Ta Be A Gangsta”!

October 25, 2009

Mike Epps is really Tryin Ta so Do His Thing”…..Im postin this just because I like it. Advertisements

Where The Big Girls At??

October 25, 2009

VIIf you listen to our radio show, you know we always give a shout out to the big girls! Mike Epps (who is hosting the BETawards tonight) loves the BIG girls too. Some may think this is degrading, some make think its funny and some might even say BIG ups Mike Epps (insert horn) all […]

EXCLUSIVE: Michael Jackson “This Is It” Movie Clip

October 23, 2009

So we had a chance to check out a 12 minute screener of the “THIS IS IT” movie at a media screening the other night and guess what….THIS IS AN INCREDIBLE PIECE OF WORK! Its great to see how much actually goes into a show on a Michael Jackson scale. Don’t ask us where we […]

And Now The 10 Most Racist Moments Caught on TV

October 16, 2009

As racist as this is, its funny as hell. But watching this makes me wonder…will the world ever be rid of RACISM??? HELL NAH…cuz I hate all yall muhphuckas hahhahhaha! Nah im just kiddin’! But one must laugh at what could make you cry! Like Ice Cube said…”Here’s What They Think About You!”

T-Pain Comes To A Party In A Hearst….WHY??

October 16, 2009

Yo…T-Pain is wylin’ out!! Why did dudecome to a party in a hearst bumpin’ Jay-Z’s D.O.A??? Maybe it was because he was burying his “BIG ASS CHAIN” and them silly ass hats….hopefully the auto tune was in there as well!

Lottery Hoax Casuse A Riot In OHIO!

October 16, 2009

Now im a lottery player and that’s no secret. But if I won, i don’t think I would do what this lady did. And HONESTLY…i don’t think she even won. All I know is she was BALLIN in dat limo! hahahahahha…JUST IMAGINE if this happened when you were in the store!

Have You Ever Been This Drunk???

October 16, 2009

First of all…his mans an em’ is WRONG! If you know ya peoples is this drunk, why you gonnasend HIM on the beer run??? hahahahahaha….YOOOOOO THIS FOOL IS TOEEEEE UPPP! What bugs me out is “where the hell is store owner!” It took 3+ minutes for acutomer to finally see him! DAMN I hope he […]