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Another Extension Of The Ski & Critical Show


If you listen to the Ski and Critical Show, you know we always have someone some where! At a concert, a movie premier, at ya girls house (hahhahhahaha) anyways, my sister (from another mister) AJ Fresh was at the Essence Fest in Naw’lins and she gives us the concert wrap up.

The 15th Annual Essence Music Festival was an amazing conference of magnificent proportions. The highlights of course are always the concerts with fierce performances from the likes of Lady Beyonce, John Legend, and the legendary Charlie Wilson. Not for nothing, Charlie Wilson put it down! He had the energy of a 20 year old and I guess giving up all the drinking and drugging has paid off. Even Tom Joyner looked shocked as Charlie made about 3 outfit changes, was backed by 6 sexy dancers and was really just the man! He needs to get his just do because he really has his swagger back! He even mentioned in the press room he should’ve been a headliner! Rappers Salt N Pepa were even in the house, well kind of, unfortunately, they were the only ones there. The time they were given to perform was kind of sad and sealed the deal that they are officially over! They may want to stick to their corny reality show and not release any more albums. But Pepa did look good with all of her plastic surgery! I could count on one hand how many people were in the audience and I have very little hands. Another old schooler representing and showing them how it’s done, was Ms. Anita Baker. With a catalog ranging more than 20 years, with hits like Sweet Love, Angel and Giving You The Best That I got, the way she glided across the stage in her 3 inch heels was amazing considering she is more than 50 years old, I think pushing 60. She is single now and has no qualms about telling you she’s ready to mingle. Robin Thicke definitely has soul and shocked the audience when he ended his concert with Lil Wayne’s “A Mil”. One of the most surprising of all was at the convention center, the balladeer Joe, did an impromptu concert as part of the McDonalds Cafe Soul series, and he turned it out. All in all the Essence Festival still has “it” and is the premier black music conference and will continue to be for years to come.



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