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Jamie Foxx Confirms “Skank Robbers” Is A Legit Movie!!!

Yooooo if you watched the BET awards you saw the funny ass clip (that you can always see again on “OFF DA WALL”) of 2 of the funniest characters on TV. Sha Nae Naee (from Martin) and Wanda (from In Living Color) together in a movie. WHAT A HILARIOUS IDEA. Even if they made the clip for fun….ya gotta admit it’s funny as hell. Well guess what, it wasn’t for fun! JAMIE FOXX CONFIRMS on “Big Boys Neighborhood” that it’s legit and its about to go down! We have the audio:


One Response to “Jamie Foxx Confirms “Skank Robbers” Is A Legit Movie!!!”

  1. Hey Guys:

    Saw your trailer for Skank Robbers; laughed my — off. This better beforealthough, awight? It was to funny for two to the top funniest men on earth to be pullin some skanky trick on your fans. But I love ya’ll anyway.

    in Bed-Stuy

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